Website 101: The Best Web Hosting Solutions For You

Discovering your website won’t load or has completely shut down is a terrible feeling.
Your first reaction may be that your website has been hacked, but in reality, it may been because of your poor hosting service. Picking out a hosting service is a crucial decision that is often overlooked. There are several hosting solutions to consider, and NVG has provided our top 4.

*Bad neighbor effect: In a shared hosting service, when a user gets a lot of visits it will use up most of the shared RAM causing the other websites on the server to slow down or shut down.

Elastic Cloud
Elastic cloud is by far one of the best host services out there. One of the main benefits is that it allows you to use multiple servers on one network, meaning you have automatic backups and better service. Since it has several servers for one user, there is no possible way of having any bad neighbor effects. If one server shuts down there are several other backups which prevent your from crashing. However, it is the most expensive option.

An advantage from this hosting service is that it provides you with your own server. It’s more costly, but you do not have worry about the bad neighbor effect. It’s also a lot more customizable: you can choose the type of memory, firewall, operating system, and hardware. Dedicated allows you to run more applications which will cause your site to be faster. This type of hosting, however, will require you to have some kind of knowledge of computer and server technology unless you opt for a managed dedicated server. Managed dedicated server is more expensive since there is customer service attached to it to help you configure and manage your server.

VPS (Virtual Private Sector)
VPS is one of the most popular hosting services. It functions better than Shared since the amount of sharing is limited up to 10-20 users. The server is split equally depending on how many users it has. This means that no one will take more RAM space than others, and thus no bad neighbor effect. Normally you get a control panel that gives you more control over your settings. It’s more expensive than Shared, but is definitely more effective.

This particular hosting service is the least expensive, but it is also the least effective. Typically there’s over 1,000 sites that share the same server. Which means that everyone shares the same server’s resource. This can result in the bad neighbor effect. If one user is using most of the servers resources, it could cause the other sites to load slowly or shut down.

With many different website hosting services to choose from, it can be difficult deciding which option is best for your business. If you have any trouble making a decision, feel free to contact us for our recommendation.

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