Mobile Compatible vs. Mobile Responsive
I recently visited your website, but I could not get it to work on my phone.

How many of us have received this nightmare feedback after spending weeks setting up our own website? Unfortunately, it’s a common problem: The website looks perfect on a desktop, but it’s a visual disaster on all other screens (mobile devices, tablets and laptops). According to Google, nearly 60% of searches are done on mobile devices. Because of this, Google penalizes non-mobile friendly sites by decreasing their search rankings. This will result in less website traffic and a loss in potential profit, so fixing your website is an absolute necessity.

Besides creating a whole new mobile website dedicated for mobile viewers, there are two more cost effective solutions: make your site mobile compatible or mobile responsive. They both are often confused for one another, so here are the differences between the two.

Mobile Compatible

A mobile compatible site looks exactly the same no matter what device it’s being viewed on. The layout of a desktop version scales down and show up on any screen resolution.

Creating a mobile compatible site is easier to program than it’s responsive counterpart, which will lead to a quicker launch time.

However, some features may be a harder to use on a mobile device due to the smaller layout.

With the resolution of a desktop smashed into the screen of a mobile device, it could be difficult to read text, use drop bars, push buttons, and navigate menu options.

Mobile Responsive

A mobile responsive site allows a desktop site to change its layout to fit any device or screen resolution.

Instead of creating a smaller replica of your desktop layout on a mobile device, it will transform and look more like a mobile app.

Additionally, the site adaptation allows all features and functions to be optimized for the user’s device (i.e.- a contact button).

Rather than dealing with the inconveniences a mobile compatible site has to offer, potential viewers can easily navigate and make choices on your website.

With people always on the go and on their mobile devices, having a mobile compatible or mobile responsive site is essential. We highly recommend making your site mobile responsive for the optimal user experience. Companies like NVG can help you upgrade your website so your clients can interact with your business wherever they are throughout the day and night.

Check if your website is mobile friendly with NVG’s Mobile Friendly Test.

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